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Whether it's a retrofit renovation, or a completely new build, Urbane Construction-Textured Home has professionals to oversee every level of Green driven construction.

From demolition recycling, improved energy saving insulation and materials to state-of-the-art air, water and HVAC systems -- let us help you obtain that sought after Gold standard. We can integrate smart house design and LEED certified construction to maximize your tax credits and improve environmental health.

Our teams are well versed in today's new codes and updated construction principles. We'll provide a refined construction-management solution that both accomodates your budget and your time table.

Some of these 'Green Building' efforts include:

  • Construction Waste Management - detailed sorting and recycling of debris during demolition for recycling

  • Using Recycled Construction Materials - beams and old wood for framing, and hardwood flooring

  • Architectural Salvage Elements - reusing millwork and decorative detailing from older homes for interior and exterior reuse

  • Landscape and Hardscape Materials -- reuse of existing brick, stone and tile to create a tasteful old-new feel

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